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Alternative Choice Wireless

Alternative Choice Wireless is a wireless internet service provider with a fully independent IP network that provides outstanding price and performance for today’s business applications. The Alternative Choice Wireless network does not rely on components of the phone or cable company, so Alternative Choice Wireless can offer your business the fastest and most reliable Internet access and private line communications.

The Alternative Choice Wireless Difference

Most people don’t give much thought to how the Internet works. Many believe data is sent from your computer directly to your wireless Internet service provider (WISP).  But that’s not how the Internet really works.

When you send an email or view a web page your computer is sending and receiving packets of information that are routed through a series of routers and connections devices on its way to a WISP.  The WISP determines the fastest path and routes the packets to the “Internet Cloud” A traditional telephone or cable internet service provider sends and delivers packets across miles of cable and phone lines. Even over short geographic distances it is not uncommon for information packets to travel through multiple connecting points before reaching the final destination. Each device or connection point represents a potential data bottleneck and/or a potential point of failure.

Alternative Choice Wireless takes a different approach. The Alternative Choice Wireless Network provides wireless Internet service through intelligent towers and sophisticated data centers.  Instead of relying on cables, phone lines, routers and connection devices the ACW network broadcasts internet traffic over  “intelligent towers”. Airplane passengers know that non-stop direct flights are often much quicker than connecting flights. The ACW wireless network works in a similar manner. Reducing the number of connections can vastly improve the time it takes for data to travel from point A to point B. Reducing the number of connections also reduces the number of potential points of failure from both man-made and natural disasters.

Benefits of the Alternative Choice Wireless Network

  • Large geographic service area capable of providing service to remote areas not serviced by traditional phone and cable Internet service providers

  • Powerful high speed broadband service capable of supporting voice, date and video communication – even security system video

  • Less connection points  translates to faster connections

  • Less connection points translates to a more reliable service since it is less prone to interruptions from construction accidents severing wires, power outages, and storms

  • Powerful “military grade” encryption means your data will travel safe and secure

  • An industrial strength tower/antenna network  ensures reliable service  and maximum network up-time. The network can reroute traffic  in the event a  tower/antenna is damaged or destroyed  (network redundancy)

  • New service areas can be activated  quickly since there are no phone lines or cables to install thereby avoiding lengthy government permitting processes.



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Join the ACW Network to get fast, reliable, high speed Internet Service!
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